Meet the Top 10 Jewelry Bloggers of March 2013

A few days from now, we’ll be bidding goodbye to March to welcome a new month. Many people have anticipated the coming of spring, and as early as the start of March, quite a number have already started trying on some fashion styles for the new season.

Several fashion bloggers, in particular, have begun dressing up in vogue. Spring-ready accessories may be hard to find, but the following stylistas know what jewelry pieces are perfect for this season.

1. Konstantina Tzagaraki from Athens, Greece

Bold and edgy — these best describe Konstantina Tzagaraki’s look. Her top was a simple sweatshirt, but her high-waist pants, towering platform boots, neat braided hairstyle, and statement necklace made her entire look fabulously edgy! Her oversized necklace, which features colorful jewels, is perfect for spring, but it can also work for any simple ensemble throughout the year.

Visit her website at Serial Klother to see more of her covetable accessories and stunning looks (and hairstyles if you want).

Konstantina Tzagaraki's Necklace

Konstantina Tzagaraki's Necklace1Konstantina Tzagaraki’s oversized crystal necklace

2. The Adorable Two from Hannover, Germany

The Adorable Two (Storm and Andrea) gave us a very basic spring outfit for this year — a simple combination of tight jeans and white top and blazer. Her pink statement necklace made the look spring-worthy. The chic accessory provided a pleasant pop of color.

The Adorable Two NecklaceThe Adorable Two’s pink necklace

3. Virgit Canaz from Amsterdam, Netherlands

With just a glance at Virgit Canaz’s outfit, you can tell outright that this girl is into spring. Although her knitted top screams winter, the color works for the new season. Her spring accents, of course, were her floral pants and leafy necklace. Every piece in this ensemble complemented each other.

Don’t you just love Virgit’s spring style? Check out more of her on Preppy Fashionist.

Virgit Canaz Necklace

Virgit Canaz Necklace1Virgit Canaz’s metal leaf necklace

4. Toshiko S. from Santa Cruz, California

Toshiko S. made a black-and-white outfit chic and worth a second look by styling it with a luxurious-looking necklace in a spring color. You’ll probably see similar jewelry styles on the red carpet, but Toshiko wore hers for casual use. And, surprisingly, it worked perfectly.

Love Toshiko’s look? There are more on It’s Not Her, It’s Me.

Toshiko Necklace

Toshiko Necklace1Toshiko’s absinthe crystal necklace

5. Wioletta Mary Kate from Poland

Another standout necklace we found for March is Wioletta’s. This blogger is as lovely as her rainbow-colored necklace. The oversized statement necklace matched her pretty outfit.

Visit Mary-Kate Fashion and be charmed by Wioletta and her beautiful ensembles.

Wioletta Mary Kate Necklace

Wioletta Mary Kate Necklace1

Wioletta Mary Kate Necklace2Wioletta Mary Kate’s rainbow statement necklace

6. Leandra Melanie from Switzerland

If you’re game for a playful, chic look, take notes from Leandra Melanie of Elyhana. Her spring getup was a mixture of everything, but she made all the elements work together. She accessorized with a chain necklace and a chain bracelet in gold tone as well as with interesting earrings. One piece of the earring features a gold-tone bug with crystal-studded wings, and the other is a blue beetle attached to a cluster of gems. How do you like that?


Leandra-Melanies-Beetle-Earrings1Leandra Melanie’s bug and beetle earrings

7. Marianne G. from London, England

Marianne G. seems to be in love with spring! Here’s a refreshing spring style from her. She finished her lovely and very girly look with pink feather earrings featuring dangling leaflike details in gold metal.

Such creativity is needed for the new season! See how she mixes colors in style on M for Mode.


Marianne-Gs-Feather-Earrings1Marianne G’s feather earrings

8. Olga Choi from Korea

Bold and unique, color-blocked, geometric, statement-making — this is the type of accessories you’ll see on Olga Choi. Her one-of-a-kind earrings below feature three inverted triangles in different colors — yellow, black, and red. They are a very strong finish to a very edgy ensemble.

If you’re as daring as Olga and would not mind a head-turning style, you better read more from her blog, My Blonde Gal.


Olga-Chois-Triple-Triangle-Earrings1Olga Choi’s triple triangle earrings

9. Marianela Yanes from Spain

Marianela Yanes’ spring look is sweet and feminine. Turquoise must be in this season; we’re totally taken with her dress. She styled it with pink extras, which resulted in a pretty color combination. As eye-catching as her dress are those dangling earrings of pink beads, infusing her look with a gypsy-bohemian vibe.

Check out more of her photos on Marilyn’s Closet.


Marianela-Yanes-Beaded-Earrings1Marianela Yanes’ beaded earrings

10. Aleksandra Malexandra from Poland

Aleksandra Malexandra mixed spring with winter in this ensemble, which was surprisingly chic and edgy. She used pops of neon (through her earrings and bag) to provide a striking contrast with her blue outfit! Her earrings feature long chains with neon strips on the tips.

See more unique looks posted on Fabryka Ironiczynch Min.


Aleksandra-Malexandras-Chain-Neon-Earrings1Aleksandra Malexandra’s chain-neon earrings

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