Meet the Top 10 Jewelry Bloggers of September 2013

So, autumn has begun. Although the season typically attracts monotonous ensembles, we think dressing up against the norm is hot and more fashionable. Besides, who wants to look as dull as the weather?

If you want to wear the usual shades of fall, consider adding some bright accessories for a chic contrast. Our top fashion bloggers this September wore striking clothes and interesting accessories that were hard to ignore.

1. Hind Adib from Iraq

Hind showcased a very cheery, colorful look. She wore a plain black tank top and a pair of black boots, but her skirt and necklace made the look fun and bright. We’re particularly intrigued by her necklace! It’s composed of sharpened colored pencils, and we’re wondering if they’re real.

Visit her on Hind Adib for more.

Hind Adib

2. Samantha Nguyen from the United States

Samantha Nguyen went for an edgy, medieval look in this getup. Her headpiece matched her themed outfit.

How do you like that? Check out more of her styling on Samurai Signature.

Samantha Nguyen

Samantha Nguyen1

3. Francesca from Italy

Who doesn’t love pastel colors? Francesca of The Sparkling Cinnamon was beautiful in a charming mint green top, white pants, and green sandals. She chose to be extra gorgeous with her pretty earrings. They have pink flowers with crystal drops in different shades of green.



4. Virgit Canaz from Ecuador

Virgit Canaz’s idea of an autumn outfit consists of a two-tone (green and black) dress whose casual loose silhouette was balanced with a classy color combination. Her intricately designed green necklace also contributed to the entire getup’s elegance. It’s a hard-to-miss piece, and everyone will surely do a double take.

See more of her head-turning style on Preppy Fashionist.

Virgit Canaz

Virgit Canaz1

5. Michelle Elizabeth R. from California

Michelle Elizabeth R. featured a preppy vintage ensemble on her blog. We love the color-blocking effect of her white top, navy skirt, and yellow cardigan. She accessorized with crystal-embellished earrings that feature two different designs. One has a large moon dangling piece, while the other has the sun design.

If you’re into vintage styling like Michelle Elizabeth, you may want to visit her blog, Mod Fox, for style inspiration.

Michelle Elizabeth R

Michelle Elizabeth R1

6. Anya Dee from Lithuania

Anya Dee is clearly into colors. She wore a printed sweatshirt, a white vest, a pair of blue trousers, and a neon green bag. She accessorized with mirrored sunglasses and a pair of chain earrings featuring gold-tone chain links and blue crystals.

This fashion blogger isn’t afraid of mixing bold pieces! Check out more of her daring styles on Anadeestyle.


7. Julia Lutsyuk from Ukraine

Julia Lutsyuk’s favorite color this season is green, which shows in her choice of accessories — a green belt and a statement necklace with green gemstones. The necklace seems to be luxurious and the kind that queens and princesses wear.

“Beautiful piece of jewelry — the key to a memorable look,” she said. And, yes, we totally agree!

See her captivating looks on Julirize.



8. Kavita D. from United Kingdom

People usually wear necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, but headpieces? Well, only a few are daring enough to accessorize with one. One of them is Kavita, who wore this Indian-inspired headpiece and ended up looking so fashionable in a spiced-up ensemble.

Go to Kavita’s She Wears Fashion to get some style tips.



9. Coco Bolinho from Turkey

Coco Bolinho couldn’t say goodbye to summer yet, hence her bright orange dress with a turquoise clutch and pink nail polish. We like how these colors complement each other well, resulting in an ensemble that is very easy to the eyes and is actually very sophisticated. We are drawn to her earrings, too. Note how they matched every color in her outfit. Excellent!

This girl is simply gorgeous! Visit her on Style & Glaze.



10. Tienlyn Jacobson from San Francisco, California

Gorgeous, hot, stunning! This is Tienlyn Jacobson. We so adore her in this sexy pink body-con dress that showed off her curves. She described it as “feminine yet daring, sexy yet still somewhat modest, ladylike yet somehow athletic.” She reasonably styled this striking dress with simple accessories — a pair of earrings and a bracelet. Her square-shaped earrings are modern and edgy, and they fit Tienlyn’s minimalist look.

Find more copy-worthy ensembles on Say Hello Max.



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