In a Jewelry Rut? Try Affirmation Trinkets to Brighten Up Your Day!

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the famous phrase, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, and while we agree with the phrase wholeheartedly (after all, who doesn’t want diamonds?!), sometimes it’s not practical and financially possible for us fashionistas. And that’s where costume jewelry comes in! For those frugal fashionistas and budgetistas, costume jewelry and accessories make us chic and fashionable without hurting our pockets!

However, there are just those times when costume jewelry can seem slightly unappealing for us, with all the trends and the same designs being repeated all over, it can just get so blah, if you ladies know what I mean!

I’ve found a whole new world of costume jewelry that I want to share with you loveys, and these can inspire and motivate us in our busy lives! If ever you find that you’re stuck in a jewelry rut, this is the answer for you: Affirmation trinkets!

Affirmation trinkets are those pieces with inspirational sayings and messages or words that can help motivate us while adding that chic style vibe to your ensemble! Powerful words such as you are loved, blessed, or fearless can go a long way to helping you on a busy day, don’t you think so?

Style is an act of self-expression, so why not share your style with the world through your affirmation trinkets? Look chic while making a statement with your messages! They are unique and maybe a little hard to find, but we dug in and found tons of affirmation trinkets in craft-filled Etsy! Here are our top picks of affirmation trinkets that we want to share with you! Let us know which piece you love!

jewelry1Blessed Bracelet, $77

jewelry2TOP: Inspirational Word Charm Bracelet, $21.95
BOTTOM: Inspirational Word Adjustable Fabric Bracelet, $24.95

jewelry3LEFT: Water Your Soul Hand Stamped Soul Mantra Bracelet, $55
RIGHT: Inhale Exhale Amethyst Soul Mantra Earrings, $35

jewelry4LEFT: Love Your Journey Antique Brass Vintage Style Cuff Bracelet, $38
RIGHT: Dream Dainty Inspiration Necklace, $23

jewelry5LEFT: Fearless Wide Denim Cuff Bracelet, $39
RIGHT: Pure Blue Jean Cuff Bracelet, $39

jewelry7LEFT: Follow Your Heart Leather Hand Stamped Bracelet, $38
RIGHT: All Is Possible Hand Stamped Leather Bracelet, $38

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