Celebrity Style: Get the Bollywood Look with Bejeweled Headpieces

There was a surge in Bollywood-inspired looks a couple of years ago, and many celebrities have incorporated this trend into their ensembles. The bindi has been worn by famous celebrities, such as Gwen Stefani, Nicole Scherzinger, and Selena Gomez.

Although interesting and beautifully exotic, this accessory is a religious symbol and should not be worn as a seductive accessory. Selena Gomez recently came under fire for wearing a bindi as part of a costume for her performances. And the Hindu community was definitely not happy about it.

As an alternative to the controversial bindi, celebs have also been wearing bejeweled headpieces that have the same exotic Bollywood vibe.

British Asian Trust - party

British Asian Trust - partyTasmin Lucia-Khan at the British Asian Trust Party held at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England, on February 5, 2014

de Grisogono Party

66th Cannes Film Festival - de Grisogono Party

de Grisogono PartyParis Hilton in a flowing white Grecian-style halterneck gown at de Grisogono’s party during the 66th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France, on May 21, 2013

Bindi Alicia KeysAlicia Keys at Paris Fashion Week’s Chanel show in Paris, France, on March 6, 2012

These bejeweled accessories do not come cheap because most of them are embellished with diamonds and other precious stones. If you want a similar look that ‘s not going to max out your credit card, consider these wonderful options:

Dauphines of New York December Birthday Party Headband3Dauphines of New York December Birthday Party Headband, $80 at Shopbop

Dauphines of New York The Temptress Headband3Dauphines of New York The Temptress Headband, $75 at Shopbop

LELET NY Lattice Lace Crystal Headband3LELET NY Lattice Lace Crystal Headband, $330 at Shopbop

Credit: WENN/Lia Toby/Visual
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