Meet the Top 10 Jewelry Bloggers of April 2014

It’s that time of the month again! April already ended, and we’re glad that many fashion bloggers left us with countless fashionable looks that are all worthy to be part of our top list. We really wanted to include them all in this post, but that would take us forever. We narrowed our list down to 10 deserving stylistas.

Most of them wore accessories that are ideal for spring, while others used sophisticated jewelry pieces to update their ensembles. Check them out below.

1. Mirela Oglan from Germany

You better check out Mirela Oglan’s blog, Fashion-en-Vogue, if you want to own the same necklace that she’s wearing here. Yup, it’s a giveaway, and we must say it’s perfect for spring and summer. We also love how it complemented Mirela’s girly pink top!

Mirela Oglan

2. Katie Rose Corkum from Canada

Dressing up a casual look seems a piece of cake for Katie Rose Corkum of Wild Rosebuds. Her heel choice added a classy element to her laid-back outfit consisting of a plain white top and a pair of striped blue jeans. Her necklace also glammed up her relaxed getup.

Katie Rose Corkum

Katie Rose Corkum1

3. Susanna Vesna from United Arab Emirates

Susanna Vesna, who seems to be a Game of Thrones fan, channeled Daenerys Targaryen in an ancient-looking bright orange dress with gold details. Furthering the primeval princess look were her large gold earrings and interesting black cuffs that matched her ankle-cuffed sandals.

Susanna Vesna

Susanna Vesna1

4. Aileen Belmonte from Manila, Philippines

If you’re into gorgeous styling, get inspiration from Aileen Belmonte of Aileen Clarisse. This girl has shared different glamorous looks in her blog, and we’re featuring two of them here. In the first photo below, she’s in a plain white dress, which she accessorized with a colorful necklace. The ensemble was both simple and sophisticated. The necklace was the focal point of her look, and it stood out against the white outfit. It was also an interesting complement to her very girly pink bag.

The second photo shows Aileen in a plain cobalt blue strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline. Its plain color was a good opportunity to accessorize with a striking floral necklace in hues of blue. The result was a cool and fresh look.

Aileen Belmonte

Aileen Belmonte1

Aileen Belmonte2

Aileen Belmonte3

5. Gabirul C. from Mexico

Gabirul C. of Underwear Is Overrated is taking advantage of the warm weather in Guadalajara. In one of her recent posts, she was very fresh in a lacy white bustier and a blue skirt. She finished this outfit with flat shoes for a comfier look. A very attractive piece in her ensemble was her necklace that features pretty turquoise stones with chunky chains and tiny holographic beads.

Gabirul C1

Gabirul C

6. Laurie Kunz from Switzerland

We love the joyful vibe we get from Laurie Kunz’s blog, Lorallure. That she “felt elegant, chic, attractive and so confident” in her recent look reflected in her photos. She was sexy in a mini dress and glamorous with her black and gold accessories. Her necklace, in particular, left us speechless.

Laurie Kunz

Laurie Kunz1

Laurie Kunz2

7. Jess from Boston, Massachusetts

Jess of Femme Vive demonstrated how bold jewelry could complement a bold outfit. She wore a navy blue jumpsuit with a sexy sweetheart neckline and a knot detail at the side and styled it with ’80s-inspired necklace and arm cuff. Her accessories are in a strong, bright red with hints of gold. They amped up her outfit in an effortless manner.


8. Paulina Villalpando from Mexico City/United Kingdom

With a necklace as bright and as huge as Paulina Villalpando’s of The Paar Blog, there’s no way she can’t be noticed! Her hard-to-miss jewelry feature secured her a spot on this list. Her necklace features studs in a background of neon yellow and orange as well as black fringes at the edges. It matched her sandals and provided a clear contrast from her green dress. The necklace can be purchased at ASOS.

Paulina Villalpando

Paulina Villalpando1

9. Celina Marie from San Francisco, California

Celina Marie of Gem of the Sea wore a turquoise necklace that captured our attention! The color is cool, and so is the design. It popped nicely against her black-and-white tribal dress. With an orange bag, this could work as a spring look.

Celina Marie

Celina Marie1

10. V for Visala from Hong Kong, China

V for Visala has an eclectic style. She can dress feminine, boyish, or even Gothic, and she can pull everything off perfectly. Her recent stylish monochrome number drew attention. She wore a striped dress as a skirt and teamed it with a loose white top and a pair of platform sandals. Her cross choker gave her outfit some drama, while her unique ring and bracelet made her look intriguing.

V for Visala

V for Visala2

V for Visala1

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