5 Chic Ways to Store Your Jewelry

One of the biggest dilemmas of jewelry addicts is how to properly store all their beloved baubles. Collecting all the beautiful jewelry pieces is very enjoyable, but keeping them organized and tangle-free can be such a challenge.

To ensure that your jewelry and accessory collection is protected and always organized, it may be time to do a little sprucing up. We’ve scoured the web to look for the best products for your jewelry’s safekeeping.

1. Vintage Boxes

A wide variety of jewelry boxes are available in the market, but the vintage-styled boxes seem to be one of the most popular. There’s a certain classic vibe to these beauties that will never be out of style regardless of the season.

Gift Boutique Stamped Eyeglass Box

Gift Boutique Stamped Eyeglass Box4Gift Boutique Stamped Eyeglass Box in Silver/Turquoise, $108

Arca Jewelry BoxAnthropologie Arca Jewelry Box, $22

2. Wall Hooks

For those of you who want to keep your jewelries always in sight, a decorative wall hook is a great option. Unlike jewelry boxes, these things display your accessories proudly. Aside from beating the morning rush because you can easily see everything, wall hooks can also add a nice touch of chic decor to any room.

Jewelry Storage Wall HooksPhoto by Allison Corona

Anthropologie Marquee Letter HookAnthropologie Marquee Letter Hook, $18

Comfify Cast Iron Birds on BranchComfify Cast Iron Birds on Branch, $19.99

3. Jewelry Dish

A jewelry dish or plate is another great option to display your favorite jewelry pieces. While this is far from being a standard jewelry box, it is one of the chicest ways to showcase your bling. However, it doesn’t have the same amount of storage space that a typical jewelry box offers. Only a few select pieces can be placed on the plate so that it will not look too cluttered.

Anthropologie Painting Practice Ring Dish3Anthropologie Painting Practice Ring Dish, $48

Kate Spade New York Raise a Glass Tidbit Plate SetKate Spade New York “Raise a Glass” Tidbit Plate Set, $30

4. Acrylic Organizers

If you want a clean and modern look, then go for acrylic organizers. This kind of storage units will also show off your jewelry and keep them tangle-free. The best types of acrylic organizers are made of durable clear acrylic that should last you a long time.

GLAMboxes GLAM Ring Holder4

GLAMboxes GLAMring Holder in Clear Acrylic, $27

5. Faux Antlers

Chic faux antlers made of porcelain or stone are effective organizers that also double as decorative pieces that you can put anywhere in the house. Aside from antler designs, these things also come in other forms with arms or branches that can hold your trinkets.

Jewelry Storage Faux AntlersPhoto by: Heidi Geldhauser

Polpo Trinket DishPolpo Trinket Dish, $22

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