5 Jewelry Hacks for All Jewelry Lovers

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All jewelry and accessory addicts know that these investment pieces need a lot of care and attention. From storage options to regular maintenance, your sparklers will appreciate that TLC. Here are some more jewelry hacks to make your life easier:

1. Use straw to prevent necklace tangling.

Long necklaces are the toughest jewelry pieces to store because they are prone to tangling when kept all together. To prevent tangles, thread necklaces using straws before placing them in a storage box.

2. Go for dark metals when buying cheap jewelry.

Cheap jewelry typically look overly shiny like glossy plastic, making them look really fake and cheap. Instead of the usual imitation gold pieces, go for darker metals, which don’t only look more expensive but also last a little bit longer.

Left: Jules Smith Joan Left Ear Cuff & Stud Set, $25; right: Alexis Bittar Pyramid Earrings, $47.50 (before: $95)


Lacey Ryan Long Rosary Lariat Necklace, $26.40

3. Use small pillows to store stud earrings.

A unique way to organize stud earrings is by sticking them into small pillows. This keeps them organized, and you can display them on the top of your makeup counter.

4. Brighten up a diamond with household items.

Got an old diamond piece that’s lacking a bit of shine? One of the quickest and surest ways to brighten up diamonds and other jewels is by brushing them lightly with a toothbrush with soap.

Gabriela Artigas White Diamond Stud Earrings, $264

5. Remove stains with beer and ketchup.

It’s surprising what you can do with some of the household items in your kitchen. To remove stains and clean your favorite jewelry pieces, use tried and tested cleansers like white vinegar, club soda, and vodka. Also, beer is great for cleaning gold pieces, and ketchup cleans silver well.

Michael Kors Astor Hinge Bangle Bracelet, $115

Credit: Jennifer Meyer Instagram

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