The 10 Best Alex and Ani’s Seaside Collection Charm Bangles

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In time for festivals, beach parties, and month-long getaways, we’re featuring one of the most awesome wrist-stacking brands out there, Alex and Ani.

Its charming Seaside collection has the perfect accessories for summer adventures. The set reflects the vibrance and tranquility of the sea and features delicate charms that go well with friendship bracelets, rainbow looms, and concert wristlets.

Check out these 10 bangles that make up the collection, know what they represent, and start stacking for a summer made especially for you.

1. Conch Shell Charm Bangle, $28

Represents: power, authority, sovereignty:

Conch Shell Charm Bangle

The blast from a conch shell, according to Indian lore, is said to banish negative energy, avert natural disasters, and protect people from harm. Secure your summer adventure protection with this pretty charm.

2. Dolphin Charm Bangle, $28

Represents: communication, grace, and strength:

Dolphin Charm Bangle

For those soul-searching adventures, the dolphin will remind you to release your emotions through breath. It is also said to be a guide into the dream world for that inner wisdom.

3. Fish Charm Bangle, $28

Represents: fertility, creativity, and transformation:

Fish Charm Bangle

The fish is a powerful symbol in many religions, and transformation is certainly the most striking concept associated with it. Add this to your stack to learn adaptability this summer and to transform your ways to be more successful in life.

4. Lobster Charm Bangle, $28

Represents: cycles, regeneration, and protection:

Lobster Charm Bangle

Following the lobster’s ability to replace their shells with new ones and to camouflage themselves when in danger, wear this lobster charm bangle to help you let go of the past and to make you ready for whatever changes life will bring you.

5. Mermaid Charm Bangle, $28

Represents: femininity, love, and mystery:

Mermaid Charm Bangle

Make it a summer love unlike any other. Wear the mermaid, and channel her elemental and angelic energies so you can unleash your own unique and captivating charm.

6. Nautical Charm Bangle, $28

Represents: hope, tranquility, and stability:

Nautical Charm Bangle

If you’re starting the summer troubled and lost, then let this anchor charm help you hold fast and steady. A symbol of stability, hope, and peace, it will be your good luck charm throughout that much-needed break.

7. Sailboat Charm Bangle, $28

Represents: courage, adventure, and transition:

Sailboat Charm Bangle

Summers well spent are the best way to transition into another season or year. Imbibe the courageous spirit of change with this sailboat charm, a symbol of peace in times of change.

8. Sea Shell Charm Bangle, $28

Represents: beauty, intuition, and luck:

Sea Shell Charm Bangle

With its ability to connect to the sea’s energy, sea shells are said to help you gain clarity so you can make better decisions in life. Choose this charm to dangle with your other bangles for that luck in choosing your path and your future.

9. Seahorse Charm Bangle, $28

Represents: patience, protection, and contentment:

Seahorse Charm Bangle

Believed to be a form of sea dragon, Chinese cultures have revered seahorses as a sign of power and good luck. Their slow movement due to their non-evolved body structures also teaches patience and self-acceptance.

10. Starfish Charm Bangle, $28

Represents: vigilance, intuition, and ability:

Starfish Charm Bangle

Seeking spiritual guidance? Try the resilient starfish, which also represents the Virgin Mary. It will remind you to ask for the right direction and to unleash that hidden potential.

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