Try Brass Gold Accessories for a Vintage Twist to Your Spring/Summer Style

Whether it’s a charming pocket watch or a stack of engraved bangles, brass gold accessories have a way of bringing a dreamy, vintage touch to any outfit.

Avant Garde Paris - Brass - Gold - Jewelry

Avant Garde Paris’ costume jewelry demonstrate this effect with their unique designs, from art deco necklaces to leaf arm cuffs. Combined with modern outfits, the overall result is classy and whimsical — perfect for spring or summer. Check out some of our favorites below!


Decorate your bare tanned limbs with these gorgeous brass gold arm cuffs. Best as a stand-alone accessory for an effortless style.

Avant Garde Paris - Bracelet - Cuff - Brass - GoldStar Arm Cuff, $155; Serpent Arm Cuff, $155; Olivia Leaf Arm Cuff, $155


Highlight your glowing cheeks or bring that extra shine to your face with these larger-than-life earrings! Wear them with your hair in an artsy pony tail or in a loose bun.

Avant Garde Paris - Earrings - Brass - GoldEpee Earrings, $95; Star Earrings, $50; Fly Earrings, $84


Add some oomph to your strapless maxi or flowy blouse with these geometric brass gold necklaces! One necklace can actually change looks on several dresses or tops.

Avant Garde Paris - Necklace - Brass - GoldMars Necklace, $79.50; Luxe Necklace, $170; Paco Necklace, $230


And what is spring/summer without an artsy ring? Be the envy of your hipster friends with these intricate rings that will play well with bright-colored manicure.

Avant Garde Paris - Rings - Brass - GoldDamier Ring, $71; Domi Ring, $48.50; Skell Ring $84

These featured items are available at Shopbop.

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