Do Crystals Really Have Healing Power?

You’ve probably seen this somewhere — retailers selling crystal jewelry and claiming that they have healing powers. There are even crystal healers who offer holistic treatments to cleanse your body and spirit of bad energy.

Some New Age healing practitioners believe that these stones are magical and help alleviate stress, cure diseases, and even enhance psychic abilities. There are several types of crystal stones, and each is thought to provide different effects. Crystal healers say that believers are more likely to experience the benefits and powers of crystal stones.

Aside from their famous reputation of being able to heal, crystal stones are also a fashionable form of jewelry. They are incorporated in different pieces — earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets for a classic, timeless look. Some are also mixed with other gemstones that are believed to protect or bring luck to the wearer.

Whether there is truth to the power of these stones, we can’t argue about how beautiful they look when placed on accessories. If you want to try these interesting stones, check out the following crystal-infused pieces we found:

Crystal BraceletsTop: Shashi Crystal Bangle Bracelet, $80; Bottom: Bing Bang Crystal Skull Cuff, $135


Heather Hawkins Crystal Point NecklaceHeather Hawkins Crystal Point Necklace, $155


Gemma Redux Cracked Crystal Earrings3Gemma Redux Cracked Crystal Earrings, $120 (before: $150)


Crystal RingsLeft: Bing Bang Crystal Shard Ring, $68; Right: Ioseelliani Stacking Mixed Crystal Ring Set, $182.40 (before: $304)


Gemma Redux Cracked Crystal Long Bib NecklaceGemma Redux Cracked Crystal Long Bib Necklace, $158.40 (before: $198)

Want to learn more about crystal stones and other gemstones? Watch this video that explains the basics of wearing crystal jewelry:


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