5 Quirky Storage Options For Your Jewelry

Remember that part in The Little Mermaid where Ariel was all girl-who-has-everything, swimming around in her cavern full of thingamabobs and whatsits galore? Well if you don’t have King Triton for a father and no cavern for a closet, these quirky holders make just as amazing storage options for your ever-growing jewelry collection. From golden wish trees to crystal-topped wooden boxes, your baubles and accessories are sure to sit well, pretty, and organized for years to come.

1. Wish Tree Jewelry Holder (Large), $98

Wish Tree Jewelry Holder, Large - Anthropologie

Ah, the solution to countless dangling earrings — hang them on a branch! This gold-tone brass tree makes a great holder for those drop earrings, slim bangles, even stubborn necklace chains. It even features a nest at a center that works as a ring cup! Plus this tree looks precious on a vanity.

2. Topsy-Turvy Jewelry Box, $298

Topsy-Turvy Jewelry Box - Anthropologie

Stacking different sized boxes has a vintage charm on its own. This topsy-turvy jewelry box mixes wood, iron, brass, paper, glass, and ceramic to form an astounding storage for anything from brooches and jeweled hair pins to even your reading glasses. Very romantic.

3. Eiffel Tower Ring Dish, $12

Molly Hatch Stoneware Eiffel Tower Ring Dish - Anthropologie

For a more rustic approach, this white ring dish is the perfect piece on your dressing table. The Tour de Eiffel makes a great ring holder while the rest of the dish is a no-fuss receptacle for the other accessories you used for the day like earrings, scarf pins, and necklaces. Ooh la la.

4. Cloche Jewelry Holder, $98

Cloche Jewelry Holder - Anthropologie

Underneath the mouth-blown glass of this golden tree, any jewelry would look precious dangling from the golden branches, from your delicate necklaces to charm bracelets and stacked rings. Absolutely lovely.

5. Twinkly Trove Jewelry Box, $168-$198

Twinkling Trove Jewelry Box - Anthropologie

The idea of a wooden chest full of elaborate jewelry is recreated in a more delicate tone by Sarah Ann Miller. No two of these teak boxes are alike, and add the amethyst and pyrite crystals adorning the lid and you got yourself a gorgeous treasure box for your tiny treasures.

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