Meet the Top 10 Jewelry Bloggers of March 2014

March has come to an end. What better way to round off the month than with a compilation of exceptional jewelry and accessories from a number of fashion bloggers across the globe? They never fail to surprise us with their interestingly unique jewelry! We always get excited every end of the month because we can’t wait to see who will make it to our top 10 list! Without further ado, here are our favorite bloggers who wore outstanding jewelry pieces in March.

1. Priscila Diniz from Brazil

Oversized necklaces are hard to miss, especially when worn with a plain top. Priscila Diniz of Look at Me BR did exactly that. She wore a plain neutral-colored cropped top with baggy trousers, and she accessorized with an acrylic bib necklace that seemed to be the main focus of her outfit!

Priscila Diniz

2. Jessie Barber from Chicago, Illinois

Jessie Barber of Mini Penny showed us three pairs of fierce and edgy earrings last month. They are all hard to ignore, especially because she got a pixie-cut hairstyle! If you’re also into daring and edgy looks, you might want to visit her blog for inspiration.

Jessie Barber

Jessie Barber1

Jessie Barber2

3. MillyQ Chung from Taiwan

MillyQ Chung of MillyQ’s Blog looked very girly and edgy at the same time in her black and floral ensemble. She’s very striking in her outfit that included a braided chain necklace that seems to have fringes as well!

MillyQ Chung

4. Alanna Durkovich from Vancouver, Canada

While browsing for fashion bloggers with arresting accessories or jewelry, we stumbled upon Alanna Durkovich of Xander Vintage, and we could not help but be stunned! Her necklace was just bewitching. There’s something about it that seems to hypnotize! It’s probably because of the cobalt blue color and of its exceptional detailing.

Alanna Durkovich

Alanna Durkovich1

5. Alessandra Kamaile from Munich, Germany

Alessandra Kamaile has an eclectic fashion sense. She can dress in vintage outfits or in very girly clothes, but most of the time, she can be seen in sexy and rocking ensembles! In one of her most recent posts, she rocked a dominant black number, which she styled with a tough-looking yet dramatic pair of earrings. They definitely added style to her quite gothic look!

Alessandra Kamaile

6. Andrea Funk from Germany

Here, we have Andrea Funk of Andy Sparkles with two different accessories that toughened up two different looks. In the first, her sexy, edgy ensemble was amped up by a necklace that features spikes, chains, and skulls! In the second, her more girly look of furry sweater dress, tights, and over-the-knee boots was toughened up with a dragon ear cuff!

Andrea Funk

Andrea Funk1

Andrea Funk3

Andrea Funk4

7. Ruxandra Ioana from Romania

Ruxandra Ioana of From Brussels, with Love  gave us a tough, sexy look by wearing just a black jacket over her bra and a pair of faux leather pants. The outfit was definitely very hot! Her accessories added both edge and sophistication to her look. She wore a chain chandelier necklace that covered her cleavage and a pair of long tasseled earrings. We simply love this look!

Ruxandra Ioana

Ruxandra Ioana1

8. Mona K. from Germany

Mona K of Belle Melange welcomed the new season right with a pair of bright pants, a navy-and-white striped blazer, and a navy top. Completing her lovely spring look was her statement floral necklace! It surely furthered her on-trend look!

Mona K

Mona K1

9. Shobna Renée from New Zealand

Women tend to wear gold accessories with a black outfit. Shobna Renee of Croissant de Confiture, though, would rather wear a Buddha necklace that features black beads and a neon tassel to amp up her look! She also wore a silver chain bracelet and a silver ring to set a vintage vibe!

Shobna Renee

Shobna Renee1

10. Nydia Enid from Puerto Rico

Nydia Enid of A Girl Named Nydia treated us to a classic contemporary black-and-white look. She’s flawless in her white cropped top, black midiskirt, and black strappy heels. Obviously, her white oversized chain necklace made her feminine look a bit edgy!

Nydia Enid1


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