Meet the Top 10 Jewelry Bloggers of January 2014

We’re excited to present to you our first list of top jewelry bloggers for year 2014! Fashionistas across the globe started the year with a blast with lots of interesting jewelry pieces. And as usual, we had a hard time narrowing our list down to 10. There were a number of statement necklaces, earrings, and rings that certainly enhanced the looks of our dear bloggers.

Check them out below, and let us know which one is your favorite.

1. Elle-May Leckenby from Australia

Necklaces are usually worn around the neck, but Elle-May Leckenby of Elle-May wore hers on her head. She transformed her simple and classic golden necklace into a headpiece, which gave her look a different kind of drama! This bold take is definitely why we’ve included her in this list.

Elle-May Leckenby

2. Lidia from Russia

The look of Lidia of Gvozdishe here is just so hard to ignore. She was stunningly radiant in an Aztec-printed cardigan, a white skirt, and a pair of boots! Another striking thing in this look was the ring! It’s very large, and it features an oversized stone at the center surrounded with a crocodile detail and some sparkling crystals. This definitely added a hint of fierceness to her feminine ensemble.



3. SabFashionLab from Paris, France

SabFashionLab styled her all-black outfit with hints of white. She carried a black-and-white clutch, wore a pair of ankle boots with white heels and platforms, and finished her look with white accessories that are one of a kind! Her oversized necklace and bracelet are made of silicone and seem to feature a tiny mushroom design. These unique pieces are sure to capture everyone’s attention.

Sab FashionLab

Sab FashionLab2

Sab FashionLab1

4. Wioletta Mary Kate from Poland

Wioletta Mary Kate of Mary-Kate Fashion has been using jewelry and other accessories to add drama to a simple ensemble. Take, for example, the oversized necklace that she wore with a vintage-looking top. The necklace clearly rendered her outfit more classic, while her spiked heels set off a modern vibe. Love her mix?

Wioletta Mary Kate

5. Natalia Champs from Spain

We just couldn’t take our eyes off Natalia Champs of Wander Apparel. Her midnight blue dress looks so enchanting, and the addition of statement earrings (also in the same tone) makes her entire look more charming. She doesn’t need any more necklace since the earrings are already enough to style her ensemble.

Natalia Champs

6. Nati Drencseva from Budapest, Hungary

Nati Drencseva of Nana’s Fashion has a penchant for bold and fierce accessories. In the first photo below, you can see her wearing a unique hand accessory. It’s like a two-in-one bracelet-and-rings accessory in a skeleton design. In the next photo, she is wearing a chunky chain necklace with a spiked crystal pendant and a sparkling ear cuff. This cool-chic gal truly knows how to enhance her outfits!

Nati Drencseva

Nati Drencseva1

7. Estella Mecori from Israel

Estella Mecori of Stellista is one of those bloggers who totally love jewelry. If you visit her blog, you’ll see how she luxuriously styles her already sophisticated ensembles. See the photo below where she is wearing a sexy LBD. She added a pop of color to it by wearing a pair of multicolored earrings, which perfected her look. She was holding a necklace, too, but we think that her look could work even without it.

Estella Mecori

8. Malena Permentier from Australia

A neutral-colored outfit definitely needs some styling. Malena Permentier of Fashion Container did exactly that. She wore a brass-tone necklace to amp up her neutral outfit that included a quilted gray tee and a white floral-embossed pencil skirt. Her necklace is hard to ignore as it cascades down her neck.

Malena Permentier

9. Rack and Sack Shop from Los Angeles, California

If you fancy anything vintage, you better visit Rack and Sack Shop of Rack and Sack. They favor classic jewelry pieces just like the necklace and earrings below. These accessories are guaranteed to boost your style!

Rack and Sack Shop

Rack and Sack Shop1

10. Ola Wiecha from Poland

Being a mother-of-two didn’t stop Ola Wiecha of Szafa Aleksandry from looking fabulous. She may be 37, but she still knows how to dress up and style her outfits well. Age should never be a hindrance for one to look great. We definitely salute this woman! She actually looked a lot younger in her outfit here, which included a monochromatic overall. She added a pop of color to her ensemble by styling with a blue statement necklace! We’re looking forward to seeing more of her amazing looks.

Ola Wiecha

Ola Wiecha1


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