Investment Pieces: Vintage Chanel Jewelry That Last a Lifetime

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Although there are countless budget-friendly fashion jewelry available in online stores, nothing beats the real deal. We do appreciate cheap steals, but when it comes to timeless pieces that you can pass on to your children, it’s always better to splurge on sophisticated ones that will last you a lifetime.

Vintage designer jewelry always come with pretty hefty price tags, but think of them as investments. If you choose the right pieces, you can wear these beauties with anything regardless of the season. Make sure to invest in collectible pieces that will hold their value for a long time. If you want to be more particular, you can also choose to buy jewelry from specific time periods that you are interested in or feel affinity for.

Remember that it is very important to purchase from a trusted seller, especially since these things can rack up to thousands of dollars. What Goes Around Comes Around is one of the best resource shops/brands that carry loads of drool-worthy vintage designer pieces, from luxurious handbags to jewelry.

Here are some of the best vintage Chanel pieces that will surely be worth the splurge!

Vintage Chanel CC Dots Border Earrings3Vintage Chanel CC Dots Border Earrings, $785

Vintage Chanel CC Dangle Earrings3Vintage Chanel CC Dangle Earrings, $725

Vintage Chanel Charm Cluster Necklace3Vintage Chanel Charm Cluster Necklace, $2,625

Vintage Chanel Rhinestone CC Necklace3Vintage Chanel Rhinestone CC Necklace, $725

Vintage Chanel CC Burst Necklace3Vintage Chanel CC Burst Necklace, $1,995

Vintage Chanel Rhinestone Bracelet3Vintage Chanel Rhinestone Bracelet, $795

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